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Coffee: Beans. Service. Experiences. Knowledge.

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About Us

Shawn Steiman, PhD

Chief Experience Officer

Shawn is Grok Coffee’s founder and owner. He moved to Hawai‘i to study coffee and earned M.S. and PhD degrees in Horticulture and Tropical Plant and Soil Sciences, respectively, although, practically, he studied coffee science. He also owns Coffea Consulting, a firm that provides knowledge and assistance to coffee farmers and businesses. He was a co-founder of the late Daylight Mind Coffee Company. He’s published scientific papers, magazine articles, and several books about coffee. He’s appeared in Korean coffee commercials. For fun, he maintains an active list of all the roasteries and cafés in the state of Hawai‘i. Shawn strives to promote and celebrate Hawai‘i’s coffee industry, from seed to cup.

Multi-talented staff

Grok Coffee works because of its amazing, passionate staff. You’ll find them pitching in throughout the company, as needed.

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