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A Different Way to Buy Coffee: Buy Local. Hug the Tree.

How it works

  • Order when you want or set a subscription
  • Choose a Hawai‘i grown coffee, a world coffee, decaf or all three!
  • Minimum total order of 8 oz.
  • It’s completely flexible! Increase or decrease the amount for each purchase.
  • Available coffees change each week, all light to medium roast levels.
  • World coffee prices typically range from $1.40-$1.80/oz and Hawai‘i coffees typically range from $2.60-$3.10/oz. Prices vary each week.
  • Only whole bean coffee is currently available.
  • A one time, $10 deposit covers each jar.
  • You’ll receive as many jars as needed to fulfill your order.
  • Each jar holds up to 12 oz of coffee.
  • Free pick-up at the Kaka‘ako Farmers Market on Saturday mornings.
  • Free pick-up at Grok Coffee HQ on Fridays.
  • $2 pick-up/drop-off in Kalihi, Kailua and Waialua.
  • Additional pick up sites coming soon.
  • Delivery is currently available within Honolulu between Moanalua and Hanauma Bay. Email us if you are interested in delivery outside of this area.

Why do it

  • All coffees are roasted by Hawai‘i roasters and farmers.
  • Discover locally grown coffee.
  • Support a diverse Hawai‘i economy.
  • Coffees are roasted just days before you receive them.
  • Coffees are vetted by international coffee expert Shawn Steiman, PhD.
  • Plastic free.
  • Nearly zero waste.
  • Reusable jars.
  • Stainless steel lid with a silicon 1-way valve (that accommodates coffee’s degassing).
  • Reduces coffee bag waste by over 47%.

It typically costs less than buying and shipping bags directly from the roasters!

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