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When you make your first purchase, we’ll charge you a $10 deposit for each jar/lid you receive. After that, there will be no additional charges. We’ll track how many jars you have out and nudge you if you’re holding on to too many. Whenever you want, return your jar(s)/lid(s) and ask for the deposit back. If 2 months pass since your last order, we’ll consider the jar and lid purchased and you forfeit the deposit (but don’t worry, we’ll check in with you first before finalizing anything).

The jars are simple, quart-sized mason jars. If you break or lose one, feel free to replace it with an unmarked, unstained one. This will prevent you from losing your deposit.

The lids, however, are special. They are stainless steel and include a silicone sealing ring and a silicone one-way valve. If the lids are lost or damaged, it will forfeit your deposit. If you lose the silicone ring or valve, let us know. We carry spares!

Life should be easy! Return your empty jar when you receive delivery or pick up your new, full jar. Be sure to keep your label with the jar so we know it was yours. If the label doesn’t survive the test of time, write your name on a piece of paper and stick it in the jar or attach it with the rubber band.

 Nope. We’ll do the work of washing and sanitizing for you.

For most coffees, a jar will hold 12 oz of coffee. However, some coffees are less dense (particularly dark roasts and the rare lighter roast) and they take up more volume per a given weight.

If your order overflows a single jar, we’ll break it up into 2 jars without adding on the jar deposit. In our weekly newsletter announcing the available coffees, we’ll try to mention whether this is likely to happen so you can adjust your order if the extra jar annoys you.


If you click “save my order”, you’ll see a pop-up message confirming it has been saved. You won’t receive any other notification about your order until we charge your credit card, at which point, you’ll receive an email confirmation of the order.

We do it this way because you can modify your order as many times as you’d like up until the 5pm Friday cut-off. We think sending you a confirmation email every time you change your order is humbug for you. So, we don’t do it!

No! Many people enjoy choosing and approving their orders each week so that’s what they do. However, if you select “repeat my order”, you can choose how often you want to receive coffee and how long you want the recurring order to occur. It is our version of a subscription.

You can switch between the modes as often as you’d like.

One of our few rules is this one: your total order needs to contain at least 8 ounces of coffee. That said, you can split that total between as many coffees as you’d like. So, if you want to get 1 oz of one coffee and 7 oz of the other, that’s fine!

Pickup and delivery

Yup! The fee is $7 for delivery to your home, office or wherever you want (within our defined boundaries). There is a $2 fee for delivery to any of the depots.

There is no fee for pickup at the Kaka‘ako Farmers’ Market or at Grok Coffee HQ


We find Hawai‘i roasters and taste their coffees. If they work for us, they work for you. We gravitate towards light and medium roasted coffees and offer those most of the time. Each week, we offer at least 1 Hawaiian-grown coffee and 1 world coffee. Once a month, we offer a dark roast and a decaf option.

Some of these roasters we’ve known for many years. Some we only recently discovered and we’re always looking for new ones. Please, feel free to connect us with roasters or farmer/roasters that you already love. We’ll reach out to them and see if they are a good fit for us.

We use “eco-friendly” to describe the part of the process we can control: re-packaging and distribution.  We do our best to reduce and eliminate plastic, waste, and unnecessary traveling for distribution.  We aren’t perfect; we strive to do it the best while doing it better.Of course, this completely ignores the idea of whether the coffee is grown in an eco-friendly manner.  Defining what growing coffee in an eco-friendly manner means is quite complicated.  Various certifications exist to tackle this challenge (organic, Smithsonian bird friendly, and Rainforest Alliance) and we admire them all.  We buy certified coffees when we can but don’t constrain ourselves to them.  If you’re keen to discuss coffee production practices and philosophies or have questions about any of our coffees, please connect with us.

Your jar is an excellent storage vessel, so feel free to store it in that. Otherwise, we hope you order often enough that your coffee doesn’t need to be kept anywhere other than in a convenient spot for you.

We’re agnostic about whether beans should be kept shielded from UV light, so hide them if it pleases you. If the light they receive comes from electric lights, there is likely no issue.

There is a slowly increasing number of folk who think it is ok to store coffee in the fridge and freezer. We don’t object to this but if you do store it in one of these places, try not to take it in and out often (in our humid climate, we fear the beans will take on moisture which, theoretically, could diminish their yumminess).

However you store the beans, ensure they are in an airtight container. Coffee not only gives off gas but it will accept it, as well. You don’t want to risk your coffee taking on new and unwanted flavors.

Yes!  Please visit our webstore and buy a gift voucher.  It can be used both for bean and webstore purchases, which currently are separate websites.

While we can’t eliminate waste, we can minimize it, especially plastic waste.  Currently, there’s no packaging that meets our criteria for this ethos.  We are always on the lookout for a solution to this and hope to find it soon.

If you really love the coffee we provide, we suggest you order directly from the roasters we source from.  They will happily ship to you.

Absolutely!  In fact, we sell a bit of gear on our retail webpage.  If we don’t have what you want, contact us and we’ll help you find the right gear!

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